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Vanrise Solutions exhibits at MWC 2018 in Barcelona under the Lebanese Pavilion which gathered main telecom players and technology providers from Lebanon including Ogero, MTC Lebanon and Alfa. The event was a success and an opportunity to connect with technology leaders from all around the world.

On the track of business growth, Vanrise gladly announces its new partnership with bpm’online, which provides an enterprise platform for CRM and business process management. Through this partnership, bpm’online and Vanrise set mutual ground for generating business opportunities through the complementary solutions and services that bpm’online offers alongside those that Vanrise has serviced for the telecom sector for 12 years now.

This partnership has been the result of the first project that was recently initiated between both parties and through which Vanrise has followed up on the end-to-end implementation services of bpm’online’s CRM software at the client’s side. Moreover, this partnership is inevitably beneficial for the unique advantage it brings in terms of the smooth integration between Vanrise’s billing solutions and bpm’online’s CRM and BPM solutions.

As the Integrator Partner of bpm’online, Vanrise will sell bpmonline’s products including the marketing, sales, and service modules which, combined together on one platform, make up a robust customer management software that well-tackles the complete customer cycle.

Vanrise looks for the potential joint projects that this partnership will generate and the fruits that will be reaped.
About bpm’online
bpm'online provides an enterprise platform for CRM and business process management. The beauty and the core value of bpm’online products is the agility to change processes faster than ever and align marketing, sales, and service on a single platform. Users love bpm’online’s engaging interface with a social look and feel, free from redundant information to keep them focused on what’s relevant. Today, the company serves thousands of customers worldwide.


Held in London, Capacity Europe 2017 gathered more than 2000 attendees sharing similar expertise in the telecom wholesale and retail carrier business. Vanrise exhibited in the event, showcasing its product line and highlighting the benefits they bring to the market.

Vanrise takes such events as huge opportunities to directly get in touch with clients and prospects, better understand the market needs, and align its offerings with the emerging needs accordingly.

Being the largest mobile telecommunications provider in Namibia, MTC continuously strives to maintain its position in the Namibian market and satisfy its subscribers with the best service offerings. This has urged MTC’s need for a complete billing and routing solution to provision high quality voice services to its clients via its Tier 1 partners worldwide and assure its revenues. After announcing a bid for an Interconnect Billing Solution in which several international vendors participated, MTC opted for Vanrise Solutions’s T.One Wholesale Suite to fully manage its interconnect billing as the latter solution completely fulfills MTC’s technical and commercial requirements.
T.One Wholesale Suite stands as a turnkey solution which provides billing, intelligent routing, invoicing, traffic monitoring and reporting, credit limit management, deals management, account management and much more, acting as an all-in-one solution for wholesale telecom providers. Through T.One Wholesale Suite, MTC looks for optimizing its interconnect operations at all levels, providing the best routes for its international voice traffic, and maximizing its profits. On the other hand, MTC aspires to keep its subscribers highly satisfied, increase its subscriber base and maintain happy partners.

By winning this tender, Vanrise ascertains its continuous endeavor to fully satisfy its target market needs through nonstop product development that goes in line with the latest technologies impacting telecommunications providers.

Vanrise Gets Licensed by SCIS to Issue Digital Certificates in Iraq

In the era of ongoing developments that keep impacting the telecom sector and eventually raise the bar on client requirements, Vanrise endeavors to keep the same pace of business development which aligns with the market’s expectations. Considering the turnkey solutions Vanrise has been providing for a decade for the telecom industry, an urge has arisen to extend Vanrise’s services by spreading out to cover security as a foundational pillar in telecommunications. 

Vanrise won the Digital Signature tender launched by the State Company for Internet Services (SCIS) in Iraq and is now officially licensed to issue digital certificates in Iraq for the next 8 years, based on the Digital Signature Law number 78/2012.

Through this achievement, Vanrise opts to remain a pioneer through its participation in the digital government transformation which falls under the strategic ambitions of the Iraqi Ministry of Telecommunications and helps facilitate any digital contractual and legal transactions and ensures secured means of electronic communication.