Digital Signature, a New Realm of Business that Vanrise Steps in

Vanrise Gets Licensed by SCIS to Issue Digital Certificates in Iraq

In the era of ongoing developments that keep impacting the telecom sector and eventually raise the bar on client requirements, Vanrise endeavors to keep the same pace of business development which aligns with the market’s expectations. Considering the turnkey solutions Vanrise has been providing for a decade for the telecom industry, an urge has arisen to extend Vanrise’s services by spreading out to cover security as a foundational pillar in telecommunications. 

Vanrise won the Digital Signature tender launched by the State Company for Internet Services (SCIS) in Iraq and is now officially licensed to issue digital certificates in Iraq for the next 8 years, based on the Digital Signature Law number 78/2012.

Through this achievement, Vanrise opts to remain a pioneer through its participation in the digital government transformation which falls under the strategic ambitions of the Iraqi Ministry of Telecommunications and helps facilitate any digital contractual and legal transactions and ensures secured means of electronic communication.