T.One RA

T.One RA allows regulators to have accurate figures of the volumes and revenues declared by the various local service providers operating in the ICT sector and therefore assures the collection of the corresponding service fees which will be used to promote continued efforts to improve the quality of services offered to citizens and force service providers to abide by the regulations that rule these services. T.One RA makes this possible through the following two system components that cover in full the regulatory requirements:

-   Key Traffic Monitoring System which covers:

  • Non-intrusive CDR extraction solution for international, local interconnect and on-net links of operators
  • CDR collection from multiple data sources
  • CDR processing for generating volume, billing, and ITU standard QoS statistics
  • Volume and revenue audits based on comparative mechanisms for aggregated and CDR data besides a sampling mechanism for random/thorough audits
  • Customized reports and dashboards reflecting traffic and billing figures
  • Network monitoring system for measuring operators' network KPI's
  • Ticketing system for incident and case management

-    Fraud Management System for detecting and reporting by-pass fraud which covers:

  • Test call campaigns originating from many international sources of various types
  • CDR analysis system to detect fraudulent traffic patterns based on a combination of predefined filters

Key Benefits

  • Real-time data management, monitoring and reporting
  • Assured transparency and accuracy over operators’ volume and revenue declarations
  • Correct calculation and collection of service fees by regulators
  • Improved QoS by the local licensees
  • Better subscriber experience
  • Protection of consumer rights
  • Elimination of fraud sources impacting revenues and QoS
  • Detection of undeclared operator links
  • Reconciliation with operators’ billing systems
  • Boosted revenues enhancing the ICT sector