Multinet Adopts T.One Retail Suite for its Voice Retail Business

As one of the top voice and data services providers in Pakistan, Multinet stood in need of a powerful and unified billing system that can accommodate for the rapid growth in its number of subscribers and the corresponding expansion in voice call volumes. After a rigorous and detailed evaluation of Vanrise’s T.One Retail Suite and its rich features and functionalities, Mutlinet has decided to adopt Vanrise’s retail solution to manage its multi-service billing starting with its Enterprise Voice Products & Services.
Multinet is currently in the process of implementing T.One Retail Suite which offers subscriber and credit limit management, service packaging, provisioning & blocking, and traffic & profit reporting. The solution also includes an exciting portal for external subscriber access which can be integrated with any third-party system including payment gateways, RADIUS servers, and CRM systems.
Through T.One Retail Suite, Multinet aspires to optimize its internal operations in order to enhance its relationship with customers, boosting their satisfaction levels and consequently the subscriber base and profile. This is in alignment with Multinet’s strategic goals in terms of business expansion and profitability ambitions. Vanrise on the other hand anticipates a great potential in signing up Multinet as it paves the entryway to the rich Pakistani market, an upcoming economic hub adjacent to strong and emerging Asian markets.
T.One Retail Suite is succeeding to cover the emerging needs of residential and enterprise voice and data providers, ISPs, and IP Centrex providers since its launch by Vanrise. The upcoming product version is being further improved on grounds of architecture and features.